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Add Glamour to Your Home with Prestigious Wooden Dining Tables

We at Furny happen to be one of the best sellers of wooden dining tables in the region. No matter what kind of dining table you want from us you can be sure that we would be able to provide it to you – be it a six seater dining table or a four seater dining table. We can also provide you with dining tables with regards to the size that you want. If you want a large wooden dining table you can have it. At the same time, you would also get a compact dining table or a small dining table from us.

Our wooden dining table set is made from the finest teak wood. This means that you can be sure that it would last you a lifetime and at the same time it would increase the overall value of your home as well. You can be sure that your guests would take note of the dining table because of its immense grandeur and class. This, in turn, would make them see you in higher esteem and appreciate your choice. Thus you can be sure it would be money well spent in the truest sense of the term.

Our wooden dining table comes in several seating capacities – a large 6 seater, a six seater with a bench, a normal 4 seater, and a normal six seater. This means that you can select one that is par with the space that you can spare for the same. Similarly, the choice of colors from honey oak, chestnut, walnut, teak, and mahogany enables you to select with regards to your home and kitchen décor as well.



1.Which is best for dining table?
Ans.If you are looking for the dining table that will be long lasting without any wear or tear, the best option would be to choose the mahogany, walnut, oak, teak or maple. The tables are commonly made from the engineered or composite woods for enhancing the durability. Look for the right wooden dining table set with the materials and choose it.

2.Where is the best place to buy a small dining table?
Ans.As the homes are becoming small, people are looking for the small dining table. If you are willing to have the same, it is a good option. The best medium would be buying the dining table online. When you look for a small dining table online, you can have lots of options. Ensure you do enough research and choose the best one.

3.How long is a rectangle table that seats?
Ans.The rectangle dining table is available for any number of people. Commonly a family in Indian consists of four people and you can easily buy the four-seater dining table. You can also look for the large wooden dining table in the online shops for the joint family or meeting halls. Further, there are also custom dining tables available.

4.Is 6 seater dining table set made of Sheesham Wood?
Ans.Sheesham wood is one of the right choices to make on the dining table. Several dealers can offer the dining table made of Sheesham wood to accommodate six people. However, you have to visit the dining table set online shopping and go through the description completely to find the wood used in the dining table.

5.What size is a 6 seater dining table?
Ans.Commonly, the six seater sofa set will come with the dimension 66" x 36" x 30" in length, width and height. If you want to have any specific size, you have to speak to the dealer and have it. Looking for dining table set 6 seaters online will help you with ample choices.

6.Which are dining table with chairs?
Ans.Generally, the dining table will come in wood materials. The upper covering will be with the artificial marble, glass or wood. To buy dining table online, you have to look for the dining table's specification and description and choose the preferable one. When you are uncertain, speak to the dealer to select the right one.

7.What is the standard size of a 6 Seater Dining Table?
Ans.Commonly, the six seaters dining table will come with either 5 feet (60 inches) or 6 feet (72 inches). With this size, you can easily accommodate six people with more comfort. If you are looking for a dining table with a larger or smaller size, you have to approach the manufacturer or dealer to have the custom six seater dining table buy online.

8.Which are extendable dining table 4 seater?
Ans.These days, you can also find the extendable dining table as per the needs. When you want to choose them, find the manufacturer or dealer and speak to them. Know the available option and discuss the requirements. It will help you to find the right Four seater dining table online with extendable possibilities.

9.How long does a table need to be to fit 4 chairs on each side?
Ans.If chairs have to fit into the dining table, you can opt for the table with the 43 inches or 3 ft wide and 36 inches or 3 feet and 50 inches or 4 ft long. If you want to choose the round table, the length may vary. Look for the 4 seater dining table online, and you can find the available options for the 4 seater dining table.

10.Is teak wood good for dining table?
Ans.One of the commonly preferable woods for the furniture and the dining table is the teak wood. It is strong and highly durable. Look for the 4 seater dining table set online made of teak wood and buy them. However, ensure you go through the description in-depth and talk to the dealer to make it the right choice.

11.What is the cost of dining table for home 4 seater?
Ans.The 4 seater dining table's cost will differ based on the type of wood, length, design, and several other factors. Generally, it will begin from 10000 to have a good quality dining sofa. To Buy 4 seater dining table online, choose the preferable shop to have a cost-effective and premium quality dining table.

12.Where is the best place to buy a dining table below 10000?
Ans.The trend of online shopping has given the best possible way to buy things with extreme comfort. When you want to buy a dining table set online below 10000, Furny is one of the leading online stores where you can buy the premium quality dining table at an affordable cost. Visit the store to know more about the available dining tables and choose the best one.

13.What are the different styles of dining table sets?
Ans.There are many dining table sets such as regular, oval, square, round, freeform, etc. Not all types are suitable for people with various necessities. You have to analyze the styles and materials made. All these together will make for the perfect selection of the wooden dining set for your kitchen.

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