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Why pay unnecessary high prices for furniture whose real cost is so little ?

Our Value proposition

Every sofa is different, and so is every customer's choice. Infact, every model has a set of materials different from another, and so quality as perceived by one customer might be different from another one . Here is how we are better than our competitors and make our customer's satisfied .

Foam ,Fabrics & Leather

For every model, we provide the honest wholesale rate with its characteristics, along with its strength, durability and source of procurement . For example, our imported fabrics named Delite/ D'décor/Ak-kinani are far better from dyed fabrics like Mushi, Molfino when it comes to sofas. For Seat cushions, we use an original 32 density Sheela foam for our regular brands, and our premium sofas, we use sandwich foam and combination of springs and higher elasticity to make comfort better.



Other Online sellers will basically select the cheapest fabrics like Mushi, Molfino , single thread Shenil or leather like Crush. So even if their designs are great, you end up paying for a material that's not worth its design.

Retail Mark Ups

Furniture retail markup's are always higher than 55%, no matter what discounting season is. And this raises customer expectation for a product who's real value would be half of that.



20 % - And if you decide to purchase a higher value order with us, be assured that you are choosing what would normally cost a bomb in a showroom

Value products, real prices

When you purchase from FURNY.IN expect a fair value of the prices that you pay . Sneak a peek at some of India's most highest selling sofa's, and decide for yourselves the prices that we provide.

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