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Keep your furniture looking as new as the day it arrived.

Love Your Sofa

Fine furniture is a treasured possession in any home, and with good care, it can last for generations. Upholstered furniture provides us with comfort, color and texture. Who doesn't love sinking into the cushioned softness of a favourite sofa?

Caring of Fabrics
1. Vacuum regularly to avoid accumulation of dirt and dust.
2. Avoid placing your upholstered furniture in direct sunlight.
3. Treat Stains immediately with a clean, dry wet cloth.
4. For hardened stains, we recommend only a spot cleaner.
5. Professional cleaning is recommended twice a year.
Caring of Leather
1. Protect your leather sofa from sun and direct light.
2. Leather conditioner is recommended every 6-8 months.
3. Vacuum the sofa crevices at a low setting.
4. Clean spills immediately with a dry cloth.
5. For non - water stains, use gentle soap with warm water.
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