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A guide to measure for your delivery

Measuring your Area

Always make sure to measure the space/area you're to put together your piece--. It is helpful to look around your surrounding area & things that can't be moved. Often, it might be helpful to use a measuring tape to precisely measure the space you have to keep your furniture.

1. 1. Doorways

Measure from the inside of your door. Be careful to note how wide your doors can open, and accommodate for doorknobs. If the doors can be removed, that might be a good idea to prevent damages.

2. Stairways

Don't fail to measure the height &width of your stairways and bottom steps to the ceiling. Be sure to look after any sloped or curved surfaces.

3. Obstacles

Account for any low-hanging ceiling lamps or fans, breakable decorations that cannot be removed, stairway doors or turns, or angled ceilings or walls. Be sure to completely clear a path for your sofa.

Other Helpful Measurements


If you are living in a building-flat with an elevator, it is essential that you measure the interior of your elevator as well as the door openings themselves.Taking diagonal measurements from the bottom of the doors to the back upper corner of the elevator are helpful for taller pieces. Also, you may want to ask your building management about service elevator access.

Comparing Your Furniture

Sometimes the best way to know what you want is to compare it to what you have. Comparing your current sofas measurement with ours will give you an idea of how big our sofas are. For example, if you find that your current sofa doesn't have enough seating depth for your legs, you'll want to find a sofa of ours that has a deeper seating depth dimensions.

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