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Our Color Story

Our wide range of colorful fabrics, are designed to complement your space. Whether your style statement is bright and bold or natural and neutral, we have a variety of fabric textures to entirely match your ultimate design vision. Look through our collections and settle on the possibilities.

Timeless Velvets

The classic appeal of velvet comes home in our velvet-textured and chenille fabrics. With their plush, soft feel and sturdy makeup, they’re a Best choice for high-traffic areas, and because of their low pile, they’re less likely to show wear and tear, keeping your furniture looking new for years. Give your home a soft touch of perfection.

Classic Leather

We source regular leather from Delhi and high quality top grain leather from Gujarat. Our leather from Gujarat is amongst the finest in the country and carries a warranty of 1 year and above. If you are really a fan of leather, then speak to our experts to make your sofas in the finest quality of leather that is most durable and flexible.

Foam & Springs

We source a really wide variety of foam, elastic belts and springs of different tensions and elasticity that cater to customers seeking different cushioning. Our seats start with minimum 32 density, and we mean real 32 density.

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