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Buy Sofa Cum Bed Online at Affordable Price

Whether you say sofa-cum-bed or sofa cum bed, it denotes the same furniture. The market has a vast majority of sellers providing sofa bed collections at cheap price. But they all lack in one aspect or the other. Either you have to choose from a small selection or compromise with quality. Getting the perfect single sofa bed was becoming more problematic. However, you shouldn’t worry as we are here for you. At Furny, you’ll only experience luxury, free from any hassles and difficulties through our large collection of sofabed in Mumbai, India.

Fresh from factory: You’re not shopping from a retailer or whole-seller here. In fact, you’ll be getting your products directly from the manufacturer. You can choose to buy a 2 seater sofa bed or any other folding sofa online but it’s certain that you won’t have trouble. As the products cum fresh from factory, you get the brand-new experience with all of your purchases through us.

Effortless handling: Such sofas can be a little difficult to handle in regular use. But in this case, the situation is different. You’ll be able to fold the sofa and open the same without putting much effort. We have made sure that handling remains smooth and comfortable. You deserve the best and we deliver the same.

Our signature designs: Our designers work day and night to product innovative and unique designs for you. The sofa you get remains truly yours. You’ll stay ahead of the trends with the modern foam sofa set you purchase here. Any guest that will arrive at your house will leave impressed because of the trendy and awe-inspiring design of your sofa. We would be glad to serve you. You can try our products right away. We promise to deliver only the highest quality. Additionally, get free delivery and assembly with us.

Get comfortable with Furny Sofa cum Bed

We at Furny are the biggest online sofa store in India. You can be sure that when you buy your bed sofa set and a single sofa bed from us you would be getting the best products, which are incredibly cheap as well. We are primarily based out of Mumbai. We know how tough it is for people to buy quality furniture for their home and we aim to make things easier for you. You can trust us on that. This is because we are one company that offers you the best designs and great prices. You can be sure that this is one combination that you are not going to find elsewhere.

No problem with shopping

You can be sure that when you shop for your cheap sofa cum bed with us you would not experience any problem as far as shopping is concerned. We believe that as consumers you should have the luxury of being able to choose from a wide range of options. This way, you get to choose the products that are the most suitable options for you in every sense of the word. This includes your budget as well. The quality of our products can be judged from the fact that you can place them anywhere you like in your home. You can have them in the bedroom as well as the living room.

A top brand

We as a top brand know and understand the fact that various people have their preferences as far as a single sofa cum bed is concerned. They have their tastes regarding the kind of furniture they would want. This is completely true when it cums to their homes. You can be sure that you would get all the variety that you want in this case from us. It also helps that our prices are so low!

Why are we the best online furniture store?

One of the first reasons why we are regarded as the best in the domain of wooden sofa cum bed is because of the quality of our designs.

You can be sure that we would offer you a lot of variety in this regard that you are unlikely to get anywhere else. This is what makes the top suppliers and manufacturers of sofa cum beds in the city. We provide you with a lot of options. We offer you the latest choices in this regard and our products are as innovative as it can get in this regard. Do you want a modern sofa cum bed that is in line with contemporary aesthetic preferences?

Spoilt for choice

Do you want a single cum double bed that reminds you of the lovely times gone by? We have some great classic pieces as well. Thus, as you can see, our collection is exquisite and rich no matter how you look at it. That means you would be able to decorate your home any way you want to. All you need are a few steps that are simple and quick as well. As far as home furnishing products such as these are concerned, we are the undisputed leaders and there can palpably be no doubt about the same. We are sure that when you shop with us you would be spoilt for choices like never before.

Putting customers first

This is also one more reason that has driven our growth over the years. You can be sure that when you are shopping from us, we would put you before any and everyone else. We value you. We know that when you are shopping online you are looking for the best quality. This is the reason why quality is something that we do not compromise with at all. We also offer the best sofa cum bed price in India.

No matter what you shop for with us you can be sure that you would get only the best from us and nothing else. All our products – including our sofa cum beds – are covered under a year’s warranty. This should tell you how confident we are about the quality of our products.


There is nothing to deny the fact that our wooden sofa bed products are world-class, and they would suit every part of your home.

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