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From Our Factory to Your Doorstep

Though most of our competitors take charges for shipping, our shipping options are straightforward and affordable for all orders to any destination. Some Items under particular areas for in-home delivery are charged, but many products come with a no extra charges for delivery.

Doorstep Delivery

Our shipping companies provide insurance till the lobby of your society. Insurance from lobby to your floor is not covered due to doubts regarding availability of lifts / staircase width / service elevator and society regulations. We request customers to inspect the material for damage for the outer packaging at the lobby itself and leave a POD remark if the packaging is torn

Fast Delivery

We provide installation for most pin codes through our third party service partners covering furniture assembly, repair work, cleaning etc.

Faster Deliveries

Need the furniture for an event and no later? Talk to us to find out whether it may be possible to deliver within your deadline. We politely refuse orders that we can't fulfill according to your time constraints.

Quick Ship

Hate waiting? We offer a select group of frame & fabric that we can create in a shorter length of time with the same high quality, fabulous style and expert craftsmanship. While this particular option does not allow for customizations, it only means your order will make it to your location faster.

Shipping Areas

We deliver all over India. Still in some areas it's difficult to reach. While placing the order, we give you the option of entering your pin code availability. We keep updating our pin codes, still if you don't get the delivery at your location you can get back to us, call us, message us & let us know so we can help you.

Happy Good-Bye!

From the factory to your location, see how these Furny orders are settling in at their new homes.


What to Expect

Our objective is to give you a memorable and pleasant experience, so we make the shipping simple and convenient. After all, everybody's excited to welcome a new member of their family.

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